Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Ernst Fuchs

Ernst Fuchs is a visionary painter who is credited with inventing the Mische technique . It's a laborious process involving layering glazes of oil over detailed egg tempera paintings. It is widely believed to be a resurrection of the method of painting of old Dutch artists. You can see in the paintings below that the colours are unbelievable.

"The spirit of Mercury" ~ Ink brush drawing

"Looking through space (The golden nose)" ~ Mixed media

"The angel of History" ~ Mixed Media

"Adam and Eve under the tree of knowledge" ~ Mixed Media

"Adam Mysticus" ~ Mixed Media


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Philip JACOBSON said...

Ernst Fuchs did not ''invent' the Mische technique but popularized and deseminated a version of it. A number of 20th century artists were using a mische technique before Fuchs was born: Petro Anigonni, Paul Cadmus, Otto Dix to name just a few. For more information and/or to study the mische technique GO TO: